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At Tina Polite & Associates we develop short and long range strategic communication plans that consider communication objectives, target audiences, filters, barriers, available tactics, likely responses, budget constraints, priorities and timetables.

We're not big on endless strategizing and tiresome meetings. Like you, we want to get to work. But together, we'd like to map out an effective course of action that is objective driven, not project driven.

Tina Polite

"Success in Public Relations  depends on your ability to effectively communicate your thoughts and ideas to others, to make them listen and get them to act. Upon jumping onto a public stage, you sometimes only get one shot at effectively communicating your mission."

Bishop T.D. Jakes

 “For those of us called to communicate, Tina Polite is a rare commodity. She has the ability to translate the intent of any organization into the language that media understands. Without her vast resources you will remain fixed to the misunderstanding reminiscent of the Tower of Babel.”

Ofield Dukes

 “Everything with Tina has to be done with style and in a first class manner.”