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Brand Management

 A brand is a promise that companies make to their customers.  If the brand is not managed, then the promise can be broken.  Through strategic planning, we can develop, realign or protect a company’s promise to its constituents and ensure that communications are consistent with the identity the company wants to portray.  Our brand management experience ranges from car manufacturers and nonprofit organizations to theme parks, churches, civic leaders, sports facilities, entertainers and celebrities.  We are equipped to handle brands of any sort.

Reputation Management

 A company’s reputation is no longer based solely on profits, sales and dividends.  A company is judged by the actions of the CEO, board of directors and other key decision makers.  Their actions can affect stock prices and the survival of a company.  For that reason, it is essential that key decision makers are groomed to communicate with all of his or her publics, including customers, the media and peers.  With our experience as advisor to some of the nation’s top business leaders, we have the expertise to counsel your leader.

Community Advocacy

Not all media stories deal with hard news; some focus on philanthropy, charity and goodwill. However, many companies don’t show their good deeds in public. Our community advocacy efforts focus on balancing information available to publics. In addition to presenting the company’s key issues, we also show the contributions companies make to society.

Media Relations  

 Media relations is a combination of exceptional writing, creativity, impeccable timing and determination. It also involves having contacts at media organizations and using wise judgment. No one factor sells a story, but our team uses all necessary tools to develop story ideas and relay them to the media. Results such as clients on the cover of Time, NewsWeek, People Magazine, Essence, Ebony, Jet, New Man, Charisma, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, etc. as well as interviews on Larry King Live, Pier's Morgan, CNN, World News Tonight, Charlie Rose, The Today Show, Good Morning America, Fox News, Oprah, The Daily Show, Meet The Press, Crossfire and many others help demonstrate our expertise and effectiveness in media relations.

Religious Public Relations 

 How does one communicate conviction and values to an often “anything goes” national audience? Here at Tina Polite & Associates, we help our clients to define their positions and opinions in the best light for both them and their audience. We use our accumulated experience to help up and coming as well as prominent Christian and secular business leaders address the concerns and issues on their hearts for the world in which they live.


Most recently Tina served the national faith community as Executive Director of Public Relations/Communications for The landmark Mega-Fest 2013, the largest and most successful Christian festival in the country.

Under Tina’s strategic direction over 145 national publications covered the event. With more than 350 press credentials issued and more than 75 media outlets attended the taping of “Oprah’s Lifeclass.” 

More than 400 TV segments and more than 250 radio spots. Culminating in an estimated audience reach of 70 million people and an estimated AD value of more than $10.5 million. This festival positively influenced the national landscape and impacted the overall Dallas community resulting in $41 million in direct spending.

-Philip J. Jones Dallas, Convention & Visitors bureau President/CEO